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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
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District 11California State AssemblyNovember 8, 2016California General Election

November 8, 2016California General Election

California State AssemblyDistrict 11

Election Results

  • 100% of precincts reporting (292/292).

About this office

State assembly members introduce and vote on new laws, hold hearings, and draft the state budget. They are elected to two-year terms.
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Who’s Running?

For this office, only the two candidates who get the most votes in the primary election advance to the general election. The two candidates may be from the same political party.
Candidates are sorted in order of election results.
Photo of  Jim Frazier
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Jim Frazier

Assemblymember, 11th District
111,592 votes (64.2%)Winning
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Total money raised: $1,106,086

Top contributors that gave money to support the candidate, by organization:

California Association of Realtors
California State Council of Laborers
Operating Engineers Local 3
State Building & Construction Trades Council of California
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

By State:

California 82.00%
Illinois 2.60%
Texas 2.46%
District of Columbia 1.95%
Other 10.98%

By Size:

Large contributions (99.77%)
Small contributions (0.23%)

By Type:

From organizations (91.20%)
From individuals (8.80%)
Source: MapLight analysis of data from the California Secretary of State.
Political Strategist/Consultant
62,227 votes (35.8%)
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  • Protect long standing Residential Property Tax provisions like Prop 13.
  • Many candidates talk about ideas for solutions to the water crisis, I am the only candidate in either party in California to have two viable solutions to the water problem, both of which provide Southern California with its own water supply resource,
  • Giving back to my community in the form of College Scholarships, OUT OF MY OWN SALARY, to encourage excellence in Math and Science...Only one trick though, they have to enroll in the UC System.
Profession:Human Services Policy expert, having spent a number of years combatting fraud, waste, abuse.
Finance/Adm Asst to the Director Health/Analyst/Special Investigations Unit, Monroe County Departments of Health and Human Services (19832011)
State University College at Brockport No Degree obtained, accepted Human Services Internship, and never completed Degree coursework, Political Science and Communications (1984)
State University College at Brockport Certificate , Studied Political Science and Communications (1984)
Member, Former Vice Chair , Solano County Republican Central Committee (2012current)
  • Benghazi CIA Annex, and American Hero, Kris "Tanto" Paronto
  • United States Senate Candidate for California Tom Del Beccaro
  • Former Republican National Chairman Michael Steele
  • Former Antioch Mayor, Jim Davis
  • Former California State Assemblyman, Dan Logue
  • Former Vice President Republican Liberty Caucus, Eduardo Lopez-Reyes
  • Fairfield City Councilwoman, Catherine Moy
  • Former Republican candidate for Governor, State of California, Former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly
  • Antioch City Clerk, Arne Simonsen
  • Nevada Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore
  • USN Master Chief, SEAL Team 7 Leader, Larry Wilske
  • Retired Director of Finance, Retired Commissioner, Monroe County Health and Human Services, Richard Schauseil
  • Former Candidate for California Lt. Governor, George Yang
  • East Bay Republican Congressional Candidate, Kathryn Nance
  • President of the Democracy House, Advisor to Governor John Kasich, William Pixley
  • USAF Colonel, AFB Vice Commander, Colonel Rick Tubbs
  • Former Advisor to Governor George Pataki, Carmella Mantello
  • Former Chief of Staff to Senator Marco Rubio, Ash Mason
  • Spokesman for Congress of Racial Equality, Niger Innis
  • PAC Director, Trump for America, Robert Kiger

Climate changes and the continuing drought worry many in California. What new strategies do you believe would ensure that California is able to both satisfy its water needs and protect the environment? Please be specific. 

Answer from Dave Miller:

I believe there are several renewable strategies which havent been looked at, much less considered, which will provide signifigantly more to our energy grid, than any wind turbine you see dotting our landscape here will.   I am the only State Assembly STATEWIDE to have not one, but two renewable energy sources on my platform, both which are tested, proven, just not put into use yet.   One is being used off the coast of Australia today, where they are harnessing the power of Waves in the East Australian Current, and using that power to both desalinate Ocean water into Fresh water, and providing energy to the Power Grid at the same time.   The second Power source has been tinkered with a some of the nation's greatest Nuclear Labs since the 1950's.   Thats the Molten Salt Reactor approach, by using Liquid Fluoride Thorium, which is an element far less dangerous and way more plentiful than Uranium or even plutoium, we can reactivate two dormant Nuclear Power Stations in Southern California, and turn them into both desalination stations, and Power stations again, providing power to the State's grid, hence, lowering your energy Bill.    

By retrofitting and reactivating these two Nuclear Power Stations, and turning them into Hydro desalination Stations, we can not only provide literally billions of gallons of fresh water pumped into both the Central Valley, and Southern California, but we can provide for other states as well, suffering from the same problems. I've been to Nevada and talked to Legislators there, the problem does exist.    

Fiscal Priorities

What are your top three fiscal priorities, recognizing the need to balance the state’s income with its spending?

Answer from Dave Miller:

1.  Protection of State's Residential Property Tax Law, also known as Prop 13.  Same goes for Protections on Small and medium and to some degree, even larger Business taxes.  

2.  The Governor recently announced a Prison Reform Bill which doesnt go far enough.   My bill, when introduced, would save the State of California 60 Million Dollars annually (estimated) All by restructuring how California Department of Corrections Maintains, Feeds, Houses, it Death Row Population.  As well as restructuring the now gaurenteed and very expensive legal protections afforded them at Taxpayer expense, until they day they die, which as we know, is usually by old age, not by the electric Chair.     You start, by taking Death Row Inmates at San Quentin out of their "one Bunk Hilton" and put them in with General Population.       

3. Id like to see, before I die, the Legislature, of the state, in the most technologically advanced state in the Nation, come up with a way, they can conduct their business, electronically.  It allows the Legislator from San Diego, to spend more time in his home district, and vote using simple biometric finger scan readers, which were cutting edge 10-15 years ago, when we were using this to discover acts of welfare fraud.   It also keeps the lobbyists at bay, from harping on Legislators in and around the Capitol, as well as saves Taxpayers millions of dollars in Per diem expenses.       

Minimum Wage

There are a variety of proposals to raise California's minimum wage. Many of these proposals face opposition from business groups who are concerned that they would kill jobs. Do you support increasing the minimum wage in California?  In your answer please explain your position on the relationship between wages and jobs with specific reference to the situation in your district. 

Answer from Dave Miller:

No I dont support the 15.00 Minimum Wage.   Because it will kill small buisinesses, but worse yet, the 15. Min. wage Law was nothing more than a tool to extort Medium and Large Businesses to go Union, as they exempted themselves from the 15. Min Wage Law that they fought so hard for.   This was an effort to simply increase their numbers in membership.    Its too soon to see if this works in the favor of Labor Unions, or backfires.... 

Money in Politics

Many Californians are concerned about the influence of money in politics. What can the state legislature do to ensure that decision-making by elected officials is not swayed by moneyed interests at the expense of constituents?

Answer from Dave Miller:

Go to the electronic Legislature I mentioned earlier.   It will keep Lobbyists at bay, like Pharmacuetical Reps, at the Doctors office...  

Also, Force Legislators to file a monthly report, of any and all activity with Lobbyists.   Transparency....anyone voting against it, has something to hide. 


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